Arie, madrigali e baletti - Sigismondo d'India
Tactus 1991
Maria-Cristina Kiehr, Nadia Ragni, Claudio Cavina, Josep Cabré, Daniele Carnovich

Il secolo d'Oro nel nuovo mondo
Salazar, Fernandez, Araujo, Hidalgo, Penalosa, Franco,Avila, Padilla, Gonzales, Torrejon et anonymes
Sinfonia, 1992
Maria-Cristina Kiehr, Adriana Fernandez
“This recording offers a particularly exotic image of the Latin-American baroque repertoire [...] a hitherto little heard body of madrigalesque songs, oratorios, hymns and other paraliturgical works, sometimes written in hybrid Indian dialects [...] the extreme variety of the compositions, their many and pervasive charms, the ardour and remarkable intelligence of the musical interpretation, and the beauty of the voices and tones [...], all combine to make this unusual and exhilarating recording one of the recording events of the new year.” Denis Morrier - Diapason
Diapason d'or, Dix de repertoire
De l'Altiplano à l'Amazonie
Lima - La Plata - Missions Jésuites.
K617 - Les Chemins du Baroque , vol. 1, ref. 025 - 1992
Ensemble Elyma, Coro de Niños Cantores de Cordoba (Argentine), Maria-Cristina Kiehr, Adriana Fernandez, Roberta Invernizzi, Claudio Cavina, Victor Torres.
“The present recording [...] illustrates two sides of American baroque music: the colonial repertoire, mainly composed for the courts and cathedrals of the new cities of Lima and La Plata; and the edifying works written for the Chiquitos and Guaranis Indian reductions. [...] The Missa de San Ignacio by Domenico Zipoli is a revealing example of a composition written for interpretation by the Indians themselves. [...] Rarely has a musicological resurrection seemed so enthusiastic, so full of life and fire… and so well justified!” Denis Morrier - Diapason
Vêpres de San Ignacio - Réductions jésuites de Chiquitos Domenico Zipoli.
K617 - Les Chemins du Baroque, vol. 4, ref. 027 - 1992
Ensemble Elyma, Coro de Niños Cantores de Cordoba (Argentine), Adriana Fernandez, Silvia Perez Monsalve, Claudio Cavina, Josep Benet, Victor Torres.
“A baroque devoid of oversophistication, but on the contrary clear and easy to assimilate. [...] The Cordoba Children's Choir, and the Elyma Ensemble, conducted by their director Gabriel Garrido, bring back to life this musical world of understanding, respect, and friendship. Fresh and moving - and to be experienced with all speed.” Paul Meunier - Télérama

10 de Répertoire, 4 Clefs Télérama, 5 Diapasons, Premio Trimarg 95 (Consejo Argentino de la Musica).
Musique à la Cité des Rois - Torrejon y Velasco
K617 - Les Chemins du baroque, vol. 5, ref. 035 -
Ensemble Elyma - Coro de Niños Cantores de Cordoba (Argentine), Adriana Fernandez, Rosa Dominguez, Nadia Ragni, Andrea Rigotti, Claudio Cavina, Fabian Schofrin
In an incomparably poetic atmosphere, Gabriel Garrido leads us to discover the processional dances and villancicos of this astonishing master of Peruvian baroque. The sumptuous psalm Dixit Dominus, the Mass for six voices and a noble Good Friday lamentation complete a programme worthy of the splendours of the 'City of Kings'.
9 Revue Compact Disc Magazine.
Domenico Zipoli - L'Américain - Domenico Zipoli.
K617 - Les Chemins du Baroque, vol.6, ref. 036 - 1993
Ensemble Elyma - Coro de Niños Cantores de Cordoba (Argentine), Adriana Fernandez, Rosa Dominguez, Nadia Ragni, Andrea Rigotti, Claudio Cavina, Fabian Schofrin
The first recordings in the 'Chemins du Baroque' series enabled us to discover this composer relocated in his Latin-American context. The present recording goes still further, being entirely devoted to the genius of this great contemporary (and peer) of Vilvaldi's. The unquestionable splendour of the interpretation - the children of Cordoba - is a joy to the ear.
Must Compact Disc Magazine
Domenico Zipoli - L'Européen - Domenico Zipoli
K617 - Les Chemins du Baroque, vol.7, ref. 037 - 1993
Adriana Fernandez, Victor Torres, Pablo Valetti, Dominique Ferran
After 'Zipoli l'Américain', this recording acquaints us with works composed by the future Jesuit in his native Italy before he emigrated. Two euphoric secular cantatas alternate with a violin sonata, and above all with remarkable organ works, interpreted by Dominique Ferran on Corsica's finest organ.
5 Diapasons, 4 Etoiles Monde de la Musique.
L'Or et l'Argent du Haut-Pérou - Juan de Araujo
K617 - Les Chemins du Baroque, vol.8, ref. 038 - 1994 Ensemble Elyma, Maîtrise Boréale de la Région Nord-Pas de Calais, Marta Almajano, Adriana Fernandez, Claudio Cavina, Fabian Schofrin, Josep Cabré
“...A rich and beautiful recording, where cohesion, warmth, skill, and orchestral and vocal plenitude vie with one another in the service of passionate and overflowing musical composition. Each of the soloists is carried away on the wings of his singing (with the beauty of the many resonances leaving one stunned).” Xavier De Gaulle - Répertoire
Diapason d'Or, 10 de Répertoire, Grand Prix des Discophiles 1994.
Vespro per lo Stellario della Beata Vergine
Bonaventura Rubino.
K617 - Les Chemins du Baroque, ref. 050 - 1994
Ensemble Elyma, les Rossignols de Poznam, Studio di Musica Antiga " Antonio il Verso ", Ensemble Eufonia, Ensemble Mille Regretz , Chœur " Giovanni Pierlugi da Palestrina ", Maria-Cristina Kiehr, Adriana Fernandez, Roberta Invernizzi, Andrea Rigotti, Jean-Louis Comoretto, Mario Cecchetti, Laurent Dami, Daniele Carnovich.
120 baroque musicians, 4 organs and a host of vocal soloists were required to reconstruct this immense Office of Vespers, dedicated to the Virgin of Palermo in 1644. Twelve choirs and orchestras performed in star formation, to create a hitherto unknown tonal splendour. Once again, Gabriel Garrido has produced the unexpected, and leaves his listeners absolutely speechless.

Diapason d'Or, 10 de Répertoire, 'Antonio Vivaldi' Prix International du Disque (best production 1995 in the vocal work category)
La Dafne - Opéra BaroqueMarco Da Gagliano
K617 - ref. 058 - october 1995
Ensemble Elyma, Studio di Musica Antiga " Antonio il Verso ", Maria-Cristina Kiehr, Adriana Fernandez, Roberta Invernizzi, Jordi Ricart, Achim Schulz Anderson, Furio Zanasi
“It is first of all in the representation of affetti and emotion, and in the almost visceral relationship that the Argentinean Garrido - companion of Savall and as well acquainted with the Italian Seiciento as he is with the Hispano-American Century of Gold - has with the music, that the present album's incomparable contribution lies. [...] The 'symphony' of violins, violoncellos, bass viols, lirones, violones, beak flutes, along with a diverse range of other instruments, becomes a perfect vehicle for feeling and passion. And this is especially true of the singing - rich in colour, and a-shimmer with an altogether Mediterranean intoxication...” Roger Tellart - Diapason
5 Diapasons.
L'Orfeo - Favola in musica Claudio Monteverdi.
K617 - ref. 066 - novembre 1996
Ensemble Elyma, Studio di Musica Antica Antonio il Verso , Victor Torres, Adriana Fernandez, Maria-Cristina Kiehr, Gloria Banditelli, Antonio Abete, Roberta Invernizzi, Furio Zanasi, Gerd Turk, Fabian Schofrin.
“Incredible! That's the only word for this outstanding version of Orfeo, which takes hitherto unexplored paths from its very first chord.” Denis Morrier - Diapason
“Its dramatic intensity thus reassessed, the first act regains its dramatic unity, with each step contributing to a tragic progression with the same coherence as Harnoncourt's. Perfectly defined orchestral colours, with pastoral exuberance giving way to appropriately darker tones after the messenger's arrival, and the final moresca making a return to the initial sensuous intoxication.”
Sophie Roughol - Répertoire

Diapason d'Or de l'Année 1997, 4 Clefs Télérama, 10 de Répertoire, Choc du Monde de la Musique, Grand Prix de l'Académie du Disque Français, Timbre de Platine d'Opéra International, Grand Prix du Disque de l'Académie Charles Cros, Recorded nominated by the Fondation Cini, CD Monat - Alte Musik Aktuell, Ritmo, Musica Clasica y Discos - Best Record 1997, Recommanded by Classica
Musique baroque à la royale Audience de Charcas
Araujo, Ceruti, Duran de la Motta,Tardio y Guzman, Chavarria, Flores
K617 - ref. 064 - october 1996
Ensemble Elyma, Ensamble Luis Berger, Capilla Cisplatina, Coro Juvenil de la Fundacion Pro Arte de Cordoba (Argentine), Rosa Dominguez, Alicia Borges, Silvia Perez Monsalve, Mariana Rewerski, Fabian Schofrin, Gustavo Bæz, Furio Zanasi.
“The Elyma Ensemble's approach takes the characteristics of the period fully into account. An approach to its lavish and colourful humours, of which the ever inventive Garrido shows himself to be a masterly coordinator, making the utmost of a gift of style and affects [...] further strengthened by the finest vocal performances, in the manner of the sopranos Rosa Dominguez and Silvia Perez Monsalve, who have well understood (and learned) the lesson of Baroque singing.” Roger Tellart - Diapason
5 Diapasons.
San Ignacio, l'Opéra perdu des missions jésuites de l'Amazonie
Domenico Zipoli, Martin Schmid et compositeurs indigènes anonymes.
K617 - ref. 065 - october 1996
Ensemble Elyma, Ensamble Luis Berger, Capilla Cisplatina, Coro Juvenil de la Fundacion Pro Arte de Cordoba (Argentine), Rosa Dominguez, Alicia Borges, Silvia Perez, Mariana Rewerski, Fabian Schofrin, Gustavo Bæz, Furio Zanasi.
“This excellent programme is fuelled by the Elyma Ensemble's contagious zeal, reinforced by the Capilla Cisplatina and the Louis Berger Ensemble, and under the guidance of the master artificer Gabriel Garrido, is an example to all baroque enthusiasts in quest of an identity.” Roger Tellart - Diapason
5 Diapasons.
Gerusalemme Liberata - Les Larmes de Jérusalem
autour du "Combatimento di Tancredi e Clorinda"
Claudio Monteverdi - De Wert - Sigismondo d'IndiaB. Marini - D Mazzochi
K617 - ref 076 september 1997
Alicia Borges, Adriana Fernandez, Marinella Pennicchi, Martin Barrera, Giovanni Caccamo, Daniele Carnovich, Mario Cecchetti, Furio Zanasi.
This two CD boxed set is a real treasure, the finest version to date of Claudio Monteverdi's Combattimento de Tancredi e Clorinda. Garrido officiates, and the result is as sublime as his other Monteverdian visions.
Timbre de Platine d'Opéra International, 5 Diapasons, 9 Répertoire.
Le Balet comique de la Royne
Baltazar de Beaujoyeulx - Musique de Lambert de Beaulieu.
K617 - ref. 080 - january 1998
Ensemble Elyma, Élèves et Professeurs du Centre de Musique Ancienne de Genève et du Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon, Caroline Pelon, Pascal Bertin, Ryland Angel, Antonio Abete, Fabian Schofrin, Rosa Dominguez, Adriana Fernandez , Christine Gabrielle Madar, Véronique Bourin.
The Balet Comique de la Royne (1581) by Baltazar de Beaujoyeulx is known to be the first court ballet to be produced in France. It had never, however, attracted the interest of festivals or record companies... before Gabriel Garrido suggested it for the Ambronay Festival, at the Grand Théâtre, Geneva, and, naturally enough, to K617.
10 de Répertoire, 5 Diapason, 4 Étoiles du Monde de la Musique.
Les Vêpres Solennelles de Saint-Jean Baptiste
Roque Ceruti - Cathédrale de La Plata (Sucre, Bolivie)
K617 -ref 089 - october 1998
Ensemble Elyma, Ensamble Luis Berger, Coro de Niños Cantores de Cordoba (Argentine), Rosa Dominguez, Adriana Fernandez, Alicia Borges, Mariana Rewerski, Fabian Schofrin, Gustavo Bæz, Josep Cabré, Furio Zanasi
“These solemn and out-of-the-ordinary Vespers, recreated and recorded [...] at the Jesuit cathedral of Concepción, in the heart of Bolivian Amazonia, are the result of scrupulous musicological reconstruction by Bernardo Illari and Piotr Nawrot. [...] In accordance with the usage of the period, a popular Spanish language villancico is mixed in with the liturgy, which concludes with a remarkable anonymous Salve Regina, the highpoint of the entire celebration. This final, highly contrapuntal, moving and lyrical composition is filled with a sweetness further accentuated by the delicacy of the voices selected by Gabriel Garrido: a choir of young Argentinean girls and Hispano-American singers, all of whom are perfectly at ease with these compositions.” Denis Morrier -Diapason
5 Diapasons, Diapason Palmares 1998 CD-Mail, 5 Étoiles Revue Goldberg.
Il Ritorno dí Ulisse in Patria - Claudio Monteverdi.
K617 - ref. 091/3 - november 1998
Gloria Banditelli, Furio Zanasi, Maria-Cristina Khier, Jean-Paul Fouchécourt, Fabian Schofrin, Marcello Vargetto, Roberto Abbondanza, Adriana Fernandez, Guillemette Laurens, Gian Paolo Fagotto, Giovanni Caccamo, Mario Cecchetti, Alicia Borges, Antonio Abete.
“Gabriel Garrido is remodelling the discography of Monteverdi's operas …As current evidence of this fact, after an Orfeo that was fervent, stimulating and brought to life in exemplary fashion, this Ritorno d'Ulisse is, to my mind, the 'modern' version of today... he handles this Sicilian return in magnificent style, treating it to the school of life, and filling it with expressive vigour somewhere between drama and farce. After this recreative work - which follows a series of presentations of the same opera in Palermo last July - we are impatient to hear the Incoronazione di Poppea promised for the summer of the year 2000...” Roger Tellart - Diapason
“There is no doubt that Garrido has well understood the epic nature of Il Ritorno d'Ulisse in Patria, and has succeeded admirably in capturing the full spirit of the opera. He gives us total drama, which from beginning to end holds both heart and mind in thrall.” Goldberg

5 Diapasons, 10 de Répertoire, 5 Étoiles Revue Goldberg, 5 Revue Classica, Disque du Mois - Bulletin Diverdi (Espagne), Timbre de platine d'Opéra International, Prix International Antonio Vivaldi (meilleure production 1998 série Opéra).
Vespro della Beata Vergine - Claudio Monteverdi
K617 - réf. 100/2 - october 1999
Emanuela Galli - Adriana Fernandez - Martin Oro - Fabian Schofrin
Mario Cecchetti - Rodrigo Del Pozo - Pablo Pollitzer - Francesco Garrigosa - Furio Zanasi - Daniele Carnovich - Ivan Garcia
“Garrido's direction takes into account the mixture of fervour and hedonism, of spirituality and sensuality that are at the heart of the Vespers. In response to these apparent dichotomies, the conductor spurs on his singers, pushing them to their limits and exalting the virtuosity of his ensemble. His interpretation finds a balance between the grandiose, the spectacular even …” Pablo Galone - Le monde de la Musique
10 de Répertoire, Choc du Monde de la Musique, 5 diapasons, Recommended by Classica, Exceptional recording for Scherzo, Timbre de Platine d'Opéra International, nominated by the Fondazione Cini
Le Phénix du Mexique - Villancicos de Sor Juana Inès de la Cruz
Mis en musique à Chuquisaca au XVIIIème siècle
K617 -réf. 106 - february
Rosa Dominguez - Adriana Fernandez - Alicia Borges - Martin Oro - Fabian Schofrin - Alejandro Meerapfel - Furio Zanasi
“…One is impressed by the handling of the voices, which 'musicalise' the texts to perfection, by the appropriateness and delicacy of the instrumentation, with its diffuse touches of brass. Nor is Gabriel Garrido simply there for show. His flexible direction enables the music to reach unsuspected heights of sensation. The sensual, enthralling beauty of the voices, combined with the incredible rhythmical backing of the Elyma Ensemble, lends intoxicating depth to the works. Magic springs also from the intimacy and confidentiality with which the music is served by its interpreters. Here, the soul is uplifted in the fullest sense of the expression…” Vincent Casanova - Chronic'art.
Choc du Monde la Musique
La Purpura de la Rosa - Tomas de Torrejon y Velasco
K617 - réf. 108/2 - Les Chemins du baroque - may 2000
Ensemble Elyma, Madrigalists, soloists from the Teatro de la Zarzuela choir
Graciela Oddone - Isabel Monar - Cecilia Diaz - Adriana Fernandez - Alicia Borges - Isabel Alvarez - Susana Moncayo - Marcello Lippi - Furio Zanasi
“La Purpura de la Rosa, as conceived by Torrejon, Calderon, and Garrido and the Elyma Ensemble, carries us off into a strange expressive world, shimmering with enchanting tonalities.”
“It is not enough to say that Garrido entirely transfigures this mysterious opera …” Diapason
Choc du Monde la Musique, 4 clefs Telerama, Timbre de platine, revue Opera International, disque du mois, revue Gramophone
L'Incoronazione di Poppea - Claudio Monteverdi
K617 - réf. 110/3 - october 2000
Gabriel Garrido has never been so great a dramaturge! To such an extent that one cannot really say that the Argentinean conductor is simply offering a new version of his Orfeo achievement here; this is something altogether different again, but an equally fabulous interpretation to complete this cycle of Monteverdi's operatic works.

Timbre de platine, Opéra international - 5 diapasons - 9 de Répertoire

Opera y Misa de los Indios
K617 - ref 111 - March 2001
Ensemble Elyma, Coro de Niños Cantores de Córdoba (Argentine)
Silvina Sadoly - Alicia Borges

4 Clefs Telerama, prix de la l'Académie Charles Cros

Il Sansone
Bonaventura Aliotti
K617 - ref 133 - March 2002

Ensemble Elyma, Coro Antonio Il Verso
Francesc Garrigosa - Adriana Fernandez - Claudio Cavina - Claudine Ansermet - Ivan Garcia
5 de Diapason, Recommandéd by Classica, Disque du Mois Alte Musik, recommandéd by Répertoire
Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda et madrigaux de la Gesusalemmne liberata-
S. Bernardi -C. Montevedi -S. D'India- F. Eredi - D.Mazzochi - B. Marini - A. Cifra.
Marinella Pnnicchi , Giovanni Caccamo, Furio Zanasi , Alicia Borges, Adriana Fernandez, Martin Barrera Oro , Daniele Carnovich, Mario Cecchetti